Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Your Morning Fog Dog: What is a Fog Dog?

Your Morning Fog Dog: What is a Fog Dog?:

What is a Fog Dog?

The definition of a Fog Dog is a bright spot sometimes seen at the horizon as a fog starts to dissipate. Origin: From the fact that it accompanies fog as a dog accompanies its owner.

If you are a sailor, the term Fog Dog is likely part of your lexicon

When sea captains were navigating unsettled conditions accompanied by zero visibility, they instructed their crew to keep a keen eye for the Fog Dog. Seeing a break in the haze was a good indication that clear weather was ahead and rough seas would soon subside. The captains understood that deep swells, combined with the inability to see what was ahead, created anxiety among the crew. The sight of a Fog Dog lifted spirits and boosted confidence that better circumstances were inevitably ahead.

The Kauffman Foundation sponsored a 2009 study that found more than half of the companies on the 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during a recession or bear market. It's likely that even during today's economic slowdown, some of tomorrow's highly respected companies are just getting their start. In 1975 our economy was in the midst of crippling stagflation and a significant spike in oil prices. In the middle of this tsunami of bad news, Microsoft and Apple saw a Fog Dog and created two companies which have positively impacted all of our lives. The fact is, our perspective is what determines our prospects regardless of the economic conditions.

Why is a Fog Dog Important?

We all need to live with Vision of how things can improve with time and effort on our parts. Otherwise we will be becalmed (carrying on with the sailing metaphor) in our current situation.

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