Mark Twain

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

- Mark Twain

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Temptation and Libation

Sacred Cows

Where are they now?

Pet or Poultry?

Feeling Blue?

Beasts of Burden

After many years under the yoke they begin to think alike. Like married people finishing each others sentences.

Something about China

Favorite Places

Fantasy and fiction.

My reading consists primarily of non-fiction writing but it is easy to see who has the better pictures.

Tempoal Lobe Epilepsey

Neuroscience discovers a condition in the brain that produces religious visions and thoughts in the victim. Like Scrooge's bad piece of gruel, we may be able to explain away visions of Holy people as merely dysfunction in an area of the brain.

Is Peace possible given Man's innate aggression?

Listening to Depak Chopra discuss hope, I was shocked when he said it is not an emotion he feels is necessary. The World is going to remain in turmoil for its entire existence, and he does not bemoan this fact. It is as it will be and should be. Is that transcendentalism?


Balancing Act.

You may notice I keep sneaking pictures of pets into my essays. I live with a dog of the same breed as Petey and they are very misunderstood. The press has given them wildly unfair treatment because of the need for sensational stories.

Joe Louis

Joe was an authentic American Hero who joined the Army during World War Two. Being a patriot he donated $2 million of his fight purses to the war effort. Because Joe did not pay taxes on that money he donated at the time he earned it, the American Tax Man decided to collect back taxes. Joe died broke and they hounded him to his very grave.

Does this mean Wall Street Insiders will experience similarly determined prosecution?

Beauty is a many splendored thing.

Speak up for your rights.

We all need a friend.

Paranoia. Crime on the rise. Citizenry arm themselves.

Genetic Engineering.

Mapping the human genome has opened doors to the inconceivable. Scientists can explore new approaches to human deficiencies with greater accuracy with this new tool.

Global Warming

The list of Endangered Species grows daily. The biggest die off of animal species since the Ice Age is happening now.


The Russians are coming.

Can you name the Queen?

Raven scavenging on shark.

Dick Cheney is not the first guy to have the ear of the Power Elite.

The Russians are coming.

Religious Tolerance

Being a man of Peace, Tolerance and Compassion is a tall order and that's what makes this guy a Hero for our times.

Occasional miscalculations are bound to take place in a busy world.



Dempsey's Bar

I am pretty sure there is a mural of this picture behind the bar at one time hot spot called Dempsey's in NYC. The fighter was the original proprietor. Am I right?

Mortgaged to the hilt?

Objects of War.

Tall Guy.

This is maybe the world's tallest man and his friend who custom made this bicycle. The tall man is very gentle and wishes to live a quiet and private life. He has a tumor on his pituitary gland or some freak thing. He lives with his mother and is unable to work. He trained as a veterinarian. Life can dish out some real challenges.

Pink Freud and his mother.

One of the great pioneers of psychiatry.

A boy and his dog.

Why does this rabbit look nervous?

Am I projecting my own fears.

Happier Times

False God.

Political Satirist

Albino Squirrel .

Red faced congressman slinking home after a few cocktails? Washington is a tough town.