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- Mark Twain

Monday, October 8, 2012

Skills To Aquire

Skills To Aquire

Some skills  help you get ahead in the world, and a good instructor makes certain classes worth going back to school for.



It’s absolutely necessary if you want to run your own business or even handle certain aspects of your own financial planning.


While improving your writing can sometimes just be a matter of practice, it’s very easy to create bad grammatical habits without an instructor’s guidance.

Even a short class with an instructor who can critique your work can make your written communications so much better.


A second language:
Considering the changing demographics of the North America, knowing a second language can keep you current

Project management:

The skills necessary to complete certain projects, like software development, are often something that can be self-taught.

To a certain extent, you can even teach yourself to plan such projects and get them done.

But a good class exposes you to potential problems and situations that you would never dream up for yourself, dramatically side stepping the trial and error process that most people end up taking.

First aid and other emergency management skills:

There are now entire degrees available in crisis and emergency management — and the folks with those degrees are having an easier time finding jobs right now than other job hunters.

That’s because the ability to respond quickly in any kind of emergency is prized. 

Shop class of any type:

Especially since many school districts have eliminated shop classes entirely, it can be harder to acquire the skills necessary to use tools, fix cars and handle other common situations.

Just being able to skip one visit to the mechanic can often pay for such classes, making it a worthwhile venture.

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